8 things NOT to say to women

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Who That Which

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8. NX8 Un-Sew command

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17. who – what

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UNO Tashkent. UN Friday in Navoi

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Просмотр ролика разрешен только на территории Узбекистана

UNO Tashkent. The Inside Story. UNICEF Uzbekistan launches edutainment series “Kuch

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Обучение 21 Июля 2014  

The Series developed in close partnership with Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Public Education informs young people on children’s rights, and helps find solutions to their problems within their societies.
Episodes of the serial touch questions such as child’s health and healthy lifestyle, rights of disabled kids, letting teenagers express their thoughts within their families on making decisions. All episodes reflect the principles of inclusiveness, tolerance and equity.
The UNO Tashkent has caught up with Robert Fuderich, the UNICEF Representative to Uzbekistan, minutes before the launch.

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