Top 5 Com Hem’s Play of the Day Fragbite Masters Season 4


    Na`Vi talent Denis ‘seized’ Kostin won Com Hem’s Play of the Day challenge, which saw a community vote decide the best action from the online phase of Fragbite Masters Season 4.

    In addition to the Fragbite Masters Season 4 finals action yesterday, a smaller competition took place regarding various plays made during the online portion of the Fragbite Masters.

    The Play of the Day, powered by Com Hem, ultimately saw 13 clips nominated and voted on by viewers to determine who would win 25,000 SEK (~$2,990).

    seized wins Com Hem’s Play of the Day challenge

    In the end, it was Na`Vi’s Denis «seized» Kostin who won the highest amount of votes for his Five-Seven pistol action on de_inferno against EnVyUs in the upper bracket quarter-final. Kostin was announced as the winner live on yesterday’s stream and awarded accordingly due fanfare.

    As a result of his efforts, the Russian player goes home about $2,990 the richer, in addition to the 90,000 SEK (~$10,750) which Na`Vi won as a team by finishing in third place.


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