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Saviors of Uldum Cinematic Trailer | Hearthstone

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Игры 1 Июля 2019   0+

Shadows rose, Dalaran was stolen, and now the League of E.V.I.L. travels to Uldum to unleash devastating plagues upon the world! There is hope, though… The League of Explorers has taken up the challenge and are prepared to save the day in Hearthstone’s newest Expansion – Saviors of Uldum!

The shadows are rising again…
darker than they’ve ever been.

As evil descends from the skies
The world cries out…
…how will we survive?

Out of the hall of explorers
and out from the dusty tombs.
They grab their whips and fedoras…
These legends of the past
know exactly what to do!

There might be magic monsters
mummies in the market
and ancient mysticism.

There’s surely scorching deserts
adventure, and
much needed narcissism.

High stakes!
Think annihilation.
Obliteration of civilization!

Now is the time to be brave…
evil’s come to enslave!
But the league’s
gonna save…

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