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Советский нож времён 2 мировой войны, выкованный из трака танка

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Техно 2 Апреля 2019   12+

Soviet WW2 Knife Forged From Tank Tracks
The idea of this project is to make a ww2 soviet knife (design based on the NR-40 knife) out of a piece of ww2 soviet tank (SU-76 tank).
This turned out to be a great excuse to practice with some damascus as the track steel is not hardenable. To remedy I laminated a core of 15N20 steel making a san mai damascus billet with tank steel on the two sides. I love the end result and I am also super happy with how this damascus forged without a problem, no doubt my most successful billet to date!
The guard is made out of a srap piece of 1070 high carbon steel and a small block of mild steel just under that.
The handle is made of zebrawood with a thin red vulcanized fiber liner and one steel pin to hold everything together.
Index of operation and materials:
1:30 Cutting a piece of track with angle grinder and cut off disk
2:20 Trying to flatten this first piece, the shape was too inconsistent
2:56 Cutting a better piece
3:20 Forging flat and mostly square
3:58 Grinding one side flat and clean
4:14 Squaring up and cutting two strips
4:40 Cleaning the 15N20 core strip
4:50 Assembling and stick welding the billet
5:15 Fluxing the billet with borax each heat
5:33 Forge welding the billet
5:52 Drawing out keeping everything nice and straight to avoid pattern deformation
6:03 Isolating tang material
6:12 Forging tip of the knife
6:30 Profiling on the 2x72 belt grinder
7:02 Grinding sides flat, off camera I’m checking with ferric chloride to keep the 15N20 centered.
7:20 Grinding bevels and false edge
8:08 Hand sanded to 320 grit off camera
8:18 Heating up to 800°C with 15min soaking time
8:20 Quenching in vegetable oil
8:33 Tempering for 1.5hr at 200°C
8:41 Hand sanding up to 800grit
8:56 Etching in ferric chloride
9:06 Polishing the 15N20 with high grit sandpaper
9:30 Cutting 1070 guard material
9:40 Center punching
9:47 Drilling holes
9:56 Sizing the hole to fit the tang
10:08 Shaping the guard with belt grinder
10:27 Bending the guard to look like a NR-40 knife guard
10:49 Drilling tang holes in zebrawood
11:26 Drilling pin hole
11:38 Glueing everything with epoxy resin
12:04 Cutting pin
12:12 Grinding flat surfaces
12:20 Cutting excess handle material with bandsaw
12:34 Shaping handle with belt grinder
15:56 Refining shape with files and sandpaper by hand up to 1000grit
13:33 Boiled linseed oil as finish
13:44 Sharpening with «MadEdge» stone system

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