3D Holographic Display LED Fan


    Unaided 3D holographic display device that utilizes 3D Persistence of Vision (POV) technology to visualize a series of ultra-high-density Led lamps with rotational imaging. This device has ultra-low power consumption, ultra-clear display, easy to carry, cost-effective features.

    Product Description
    Indoor active image wall displays, perfect solution for display of products and brands in brand stores. Also can be well used in night clubs, bars and other social establishments as a background display effect.
    Compared with the traditional holographic display system, the ultra bright unaided 3D effect provides a unique experience.
    It is suitable for various commercial advertising and promotional applications to increase brand awareness and increase conversion.

    Product Features
    1. Fan like 3D hologram LED display, very creative
    2. Connects the LED display via WiFi, control the display from App or remote control
    3. Display Resolution: 512 x 512 Pixels
    4. Support JPG, GIF, MP4, AVI, RMVB, MPEG, etc format
    5. Less than 18W power consumption
    6. English language APP

    Дилер 3D hologram в Узбекистане
    Лазиз +99890 9941724


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