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Cheb Khaled – Aicha (Cover by Alaa Wardi)

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Музыка 24 Апреля 2016  

An A Cappella version of Aicha. a good example of a song that will never die. It’s originally by Cheb Khaled, released in 1996 and written by the French singer songwriter Jean-Jacques Goldman. It has since then been adopted to 14 more languages maybe! so don’t be surprised if you’ve heard it somewhere else. I personally love Rai music, Cheb Khaled and Cheb Mami specifically, and hope to cover more of their music in the future.


As if I did not exist,
she passed me by,
Without a glance,
Queen of Sheba. I said:
« Aisha, take: all is for you.»

Here, the pearls, the jewels,
also the gold around your neck
The fruits, well ripe with the taste of honey
And my life, Aisha if you love me!

I will go where your breath leads me,
In the countries of ivory and ebony
I will erase your tears, your sorrows
Nothing is too beautifull for a girl so beautiful

Aisha, Aisha listen to me
Aisha, Aisha don’t go
Aisha, Aisha look at me
Aisha, Aisha answer me

I would say the words, the poems
I would play the music of the sky
I would take the rays of the sun
to light up your dreamy eyes

Ooh! Aisha, Aisha listen to me
Aisha, Aisha don’t go

She said: «Keep your treasures,
Me, I’m worth more than that.
Bars are still bars even if made of gold.
I want the same rights as you
and respect for each day,
Me I want only love.»

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