Scarlxrd – ASK (Audio)

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Scarlxrd uk txur

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SCARLXRD – Sunday afternxxn

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Scarlxrd – sx sad

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SCARLXRD – Tell me yxu lxve me

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Музыка 2 Сентября 2018   16+

(PROD.BY.MUPPY). fklefwagrdshfjdfgxfhdgsfadfaghsjdgkf yahh yahh yahhh all the links and shit are somewhere on the fucking internet so go look for them. take this song however you want I will never explain my art to anybody ever again so just fucking try to enjoy this shite. or not. i honestly don’t give a flying dog dick of a fuck at this point. i do this for the love of the art and extream personal release. fuck the whole corporate side of music. maggots in offices sending emails doing fuck all to feel important. cunts. all they care about is sales and streams and looking good for the ‘public’ THEY DO FUCK ALL. they’ve lost all hope mate.clowns. the lot of em. fucking clowns. speaking my mind man. all i need are my supporters, you guys understand me. LXVE LXVE LXVE. i love you all, FUCK THEM, i have you guys., , fuck it ill take the pain for you, go find love and live your life, you deserve to be happy. im telling you i fucking love you

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  • 6arpa86 5 Сентября 2018, 18:22

    Почему мне вспомнился Coldplay?
    (So tell me you love me..)