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07-American History – Part 158 – Harding

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The Start: https://mover.uz/watch/yqIA2KUm/

07-American History – Part 158 – Harding – Cars, Radios, Prospersity and Isolation

America Turns Inward After World War One

The years after World War One were an important turning point in the making of the American nation. The country turned away from the problems of Europe. Now it would deal with problems of its own.
I’m Maurice Joyce. Today, Kay Gallant and I tell about the many changes in America during the early 1920s.There was a presidential election in America in 1920. President Woodrow Wilson was not a candidate. He had suffered a stroke and was too sick. The two major candidates were Democrat James Cox and Republican Warren Harding. Voters had a clear choice between the two candidates.
Cox supported the ideas of President Wilson. He believed the United States should take an active part in world affairs. Harding opposed the idea of internationalism. He believed the United States should worry only about events within its own borders.
Warren Harding won the election. By their votes, Americans made clear they were tired of sacrificing lives and money to solve other people’s problems. They just wanted to live their own lives and make their own country a better place.This was a great change in the nation’s thinking. For twenty years, since the beginning of the century, the United States had become more involved in international events.

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