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02-American History – Part 152 – Wilson – WWI – America Declares War

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03-American History – Part 153 – Wilson – WWI – Pershing leads forces to Europe https://mover.uz/watch/xAMON0D/

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Wilson Is Re-elected in 1916 on a Promise: ‘He Kept Us Out of War!’

‘Right Is More Precious Than Peace’: U.S. Enters World War One

There was one main issue in America’s presidential election of 1916: war. Europe was in the middle of what is now remembered as World War One. It was the bloodiest conflict the world had ever known.

Most Americans wanted no part of the struggle in Europe. They supported their country’s official position: neutrality. This desire was the main reason President Woodrow Wilson won re-election. People gave Wilson their votes, because they hoped he would continue to keep America out of war.
I’m Maurice Joyce. Today, Larry West and I tell more about Wilson’s presidency.Like most Americans, Woodrow Wilson did not want war. He feared that entering the conflict would cost the United States many lives. Wilson read the reports from European battlefields. The news was unbelievably terrible. By the end of 1916, several million men had been killed, wounded, or captured.

At the Battle of Verdun, French forces stopped a German attack.

The cost was high on both sides. More than seven hundred thousand soldiers were killed, wounded, or captured. The Battle of the Somme followed. Britain lost sixty thousand men on the first day. By the time the battle was over, losses for both sides totaled more than a million.

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