Френк Лемпард – 1996. Гарри Реднап предвидел величие Лемпи, в отличии от фанов ВестХ


    Болельщики Вест Хема недовольны подписанием Лемпарда в 1996 годe, считая, что Скотт Canham (Лично я о нем не слышал) более достоин.
    Они назвали его Любимчиком Коуча и Сынишкой того самого Френка Лемпарда Старшего.

    Но Гарри Реднапп защищая его сказал, что у Лемпарда младшего есть все для того, чтобы стать великим футболистом и его слова стали пророческими. 2005-2006 году Лемпард не смог взять Золотой Мяч уступив великолепному Рональдиньо. А в пик своей карьеры он был лучшим номером 8, превзошел и Иньесту, Джерарда и Хави

    The Chelsea that Frank Lampard joined in 2001 was a very different club to the one he leaves today. Now, players are joining Chelsea as an established “big club, ” one that has won everything available, thanks in no small part to Super Frank. The next generation of players should be aspiring to make the same kind of difference he did through hard work, humility and the passion to keep making history.

    Lampard was never the most naturally gifted footballer. When he was promoted to the West Ham first team in 1996, a disgruntled Irons supporter took Harry Redknapp to task over it, thinking that he was in the side because of the family connection. Redknapp responded perfectly, and his comments turned out to be entirely prophetic.

    Super Frank did not get to where he is today by being the son of Frank Sr., the nephew of ‘Arry or the cousin of Jamie Redknapp. He reached the point where he has won a complete set of honours available to players at the top of the English game through hard work and determination. Even last season, at 35 years old, Lampard would stay behind after training to do extra work. Whether it was conditioning in the gym or working on his shooting, Lampard gave everything he had to continuously improve.

    1996 – West Ham fan tells Harry Redknapp and Frank Lampard that Scott Canham is a better player.


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