8 things NOT to say to women

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Who That Which

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8. NX8 Un-Sew command

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17. who – what

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UNO Tashkent. UN Friday in Navoi

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UNO Tashkent. The Inside Story. The Model UN and ‘One Life’ at UWED

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Обучение 21 Июля 2014  

A Model United Nations Conference on the theme ‘Uniting forces in combating illicit drug trafficking’ was held on the 1st of June. The event was organised by the University of World Economy and Diplomacy and the United Nations Information Office in Uzbekistan.

This year’s conference, which united 124 students from different universities and academic lyceums, simulated the work of two main organs of the United Nations including the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council. Thus, the sessions were held in three halls simultaneously.
Watch/Listen as Jakhongir Azimov (UNO Intern) reports.

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