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BBC: Race Across the World S01 Ep. 4

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ТВ 17 Апреля 2019   0+

The global travel series reaches another level this week as the four remaining teams enter the People’s Republic of China. On a journey that has already clocked up over 5,000 miles and with no access to smart phones, the internet or credit cards, the team’s reliance on the kindness of strangers is now stronger than ever before. Travelling through some of the world’s most beautiful and astonishing scenery, this high-octane competition will have you itching to experience more!

After nearly a month on the road together, relationships are coming under increasing pressure in what is the most challenging leg of the race to date. With vast distances to cover to the checkpoint – the ancient village of Huangyao – budgets are running low and emotions are high.

Father and son Darron and Alex are desperate to boost their funds and working at a flower market leads to a blossoming romance for Alex.

After blowing 20% of their total budget on the previous leg, Tony and Elaine opt for the cheapest transport and experience an unforgettable ride as they endure hard seats on slow trains across the 3,000 miles through China.

Natalie and Shameema have the most money left so plan to dash across China in bullet trains – but first, a special stop-off in a ski-resort for Natalie to do something that as a child her sickle-cell anaemia prevented her from doing.

Searching for adventure, Josh and Felix head for the mountains. As they climb higher than they have ever done before, their relationship hits an all-time low.

As the fast-paced nature, scale and unpredictability of the race continues, and budget worries start to set in, can our teams look past this and focus their minds on the end goal? As the teams edge closer to Singapore in this race of a lifetime – where would it take you?

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