Circle of Life by LEBO M. — HAVASI Symphonic LIVE Budapest

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Музыка 15 Декабря 2016  

Circle of Life by LEBO M. — HAVASI Symphonic LIVE Budapest

An amazing live performance of the Lion King title song by the legendary LEBO M. and more than 100 artists of the HAVASI Symphonic Concert Show.

For more than 20 years, the magical story of Symba has captured the hearts of millions of children and adults. In 2014 Lebo M., the co-composer and performer of The Lion King and HAVASI Symphonic revived the immersive opening song, Circle of Life. This unique performance conjured up the exotic world of the savanna featuring a huge symphony orchestra, choir, rock drums, African singers, world music soloists and the dancers of ExperiDance.

The show attracted 46,000 visitors in a single weekend and this special performance with Lebo M. remains an unforgettable memory for the audience of the Budapest Arena in Hungary, and Sala Polivalenta in Romania.

After an amazing success at Carnegie Hall, HAVASI Symphonic is set for a world. The program is 100% original symphonic music by one of the most fascinating and versatile young composers of today, Havasi.

The epic musical journey brings together more than 100 artists on the same stage: solo piano, huge symphony orchestra and choir, gospel singers and world music soloists.

The show is also breathtaking family entertainment where children can meet classical instruments in a modern show they truly enjoy.

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