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John Park – Falling

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Музыка 12 Апреля 2012  

Release of John Park’s 1st album «Knock» on Feb 22nd 2012.
John Park had the opportunity to reflect upon himself and give more thought to his career in the K-pop scene as he saw other musicians from audition programs release their albums. The time he took to ponder on the fact that music should contain ideologies and emotions and what about him he should express instead of thinking how to show himself has helped him to mature.
Moreover, he became more driven towards his musical accomplishment by working with Kim Dong-Ryul and Lee Juck. Kim Dong-Ryul guided him in a musician’s attitude toward music and helped provide the foundation for further musical development. The experience was more than enough for self-retrospection on one’s energy, mind, and musical philosophy as a musician.
«Falling» is John Park’s first title song which he also produced. The pop-like track was composed by the British composer Andy Platts, Jodie may Seymour and the lyrics written by John Park himself. The song brings out his clean and fresh vocals as he calmly sings in falsetto the melancholy lyrics.
The tracks in John Park’s album contain their own unique musical color unlike the trends prevalent in contemporary music charts. It contains the reason as to why it took so long for him to prepare for his album and is an answer for fans who have been waiting for his music. His voice penetrates the ears of the listener, with his unique tone that has become denser, touching the hearts of those who hear his music.

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