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Каннские львы 2015. Silver. THIS GIRL CAN 90

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Реклама 10 Июля 2015  

Title – THIS GIRL CAN 90’
advertiser/client – SPORT ENGLAND
agencies – FCB INFERNO
product/service – Public Awareness Messages

We open on a young woman making her way confidently through a locker room, before adjusting her bikini bottoms with a twang of the elastic. What follows is an endorphin-stirring celebration of women of all sizes and abilities, running, punching, kicking, rowing, throwing and diving like they just don’t care. ‘This Girl Can’ rejects the idealised imagery of women in sports advertising and instead heroes them in their wonderful reality – cellulite and sweaty faces included. The pace of the edit mimics an exercise routine: building up, pausing for breath, continuing to a climax before finally slumping in a shattered heap, all in sync to Missy Elliott’s ‘Get Ur Freak On’.

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