BBC: Race Across the World S01 Ep. 6


    After 12,000 miles, two continents, 21 countries and four seas, the finish line is in sight as our four teams complete the final leg of the Race Across the World.

    As the teams race 1,500 miles down the Malaysian Peninsula to Singapore, seven weeks on the road is taking its toll. Josh and Felix need a monumental act of kindness to dig them out of a massive hole, and Natalie and Shameema, who have never once led in the race, gamble everything when it matters most.

    When Tony collapses with back pain, Elaine fears their chance of winning hangs in the balance, and when their finances hit dire straits, Darron braves his fear of dogs to make a buck for his cash-strapped team. Meanwhile, Alex is hoping on finally cementing the bond with his dad, win or lose.

    This gruelling race has taken the travellers to far-flung places, through deserts, mountains and island paradises, giving them the opportunity to experience incredible adventures, immerse themselves in different cultures, make lasting connections and often be overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.

    Our racers embarked on both a personal as well as a physical journey with relationships tested and bonds strengthened. This dramatic and at times unpredictable experience means our travellers will complete the race very different people from the ones who started. What have they learned about themselves, each other and the world around them?

    In a surprisingly tight and nail-biting ending, which team will be the first to reach the finish line, claim the £20k prize and be crowned winners of this race of a lifetime?


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